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A cutting-edge approach to the homebuilding industry paired with more than 150 years of commitment to the community around us; this is A.W. Hastings. Since our founding in 1846, we’ve been at the forefront of ensuring an exemplary customer experience by offering the finest products backed by unsurpassed expertise and experience. We believe the elements that go into building a home or commercial structure should last as long as the building itself, therefore we’ve chosen to partner with the Marvin Family of Brands. Additionally, we believe in building enduring relationships with the people and businesses around us, we distribute Marvin’s windows and doors through our network of trusted local retailers.  

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  • 2016 Marvin Architects Challenge

    Congratulations to Dan Scully and Daniel V. Scully Architects for winning the Best Transitional/Eclectic category in the 2016 Marvin Architects Challenge! Click to read more…

  • 7 Tide Trend Alert: Black is the New White

    New Englanders have long turned to white painted wood as their go-to finish to frame windows and doors. In James L. Garvin’s book A Building History of Northern New England, he reports that photographic evidence from the 1840s onward shows that white has long been the color of choice for trim surrounding windows and doors on the region’s homes.

  • Stonington Architect Designs a Coastal Inspired “Concept Window” for Marvin

    Stonington, CT, Dec. 12, 2016 –It was an architect’s dream assignment: design the ideal window free from any code requirements or design constraints.  The inspiration for Architect Michael McKinley’s window comes from the coast. The design, a French outswing, is painted a hazy blue and is framed in a grey weathered mahogany.

  • 2016 Marvin Architects Challenge Continued

    Tomorrow, Friday, April 1 is the last day to enter the 2016 Marvin Architects Challenge. Architects are invited to submit their best projects using Marvin windows and doors for a chance to win national exposure and recognition.

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    Because our windows are designed to last a lifetime, we provide our Retail Partners with ongoing, expert product support.

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    Correctly caring for your Marvin windows and doors will ensure decades of enjoyment and we’re here to help.

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    Find informative stories from the design community and our customers, and a curated collection of photos to inspire your own project.

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    A.W. Hastings supports its Retail Partners by offering ongoing educational opportunities on our products and the latest industry technology.