Hastings builds relationships - and business - around the Marvin Family of Brands.  Our focus is on the development and delivery of industry leading pre- and post-sales solutions to our committed network of Retailers.

Hastings is dedicated to helping our Retailers build their businesses by delivering premium value and a premium customer experience.  We are about relationships, not transactions, and our Retailers have relationships that run deep within our company, starting with the representatives who live and work in the same communities and markets. Our organization’s consultants also offer product advice and services directly to building professionals and architects throughout our territory.  

Since our founding in 1846, Enfield, Connecticut-based Hastings has supplied the building material industry with millwork and other construction-related products.  For over 25 years, we have specialized in the distribution of Minnesota-based Marvin Windows and Doors, bringing quality window and door products to Retailers throughout New England and Eastern New York.  Our exclusive focus on Marvin distribution has allowed us to provide an elevated level of services focused on providing marketing, education, sales and technical expertise to our Retailers. 

Our vision statement is “Make It Easy to Buy Marvin Products.”  Our corporate philosophy is built around the belief that Hastings’ employees are critical to achieving that vision.   No matter what an employee’s role in the company, their job at its most basic level is to make it easy to buy Marvin products.
Hastings’ corporate culture is reflected in the relationships we have developed with our customers.  A notable characteristic of our organization is empathy for our customers—we understand what keeps them up at night, and we realize that we are successful only if they are.  Our customers appreciate small but important details, such as having a live operator answering the phone when they call. 

We have identified Family, Continuous Improvement, Enthusiasm, Integrity, and Pride as the five key cultural attributes for our company.  President Dusty Hoyt defined these attributes as “the inalienable beliefs that define who we are as a company…the touchstones that guide us, a timeless measure of who we are.”  

Joining Dusty Hoyt on Hastings’ executive leadership team is his brother, company Treasurer Jody Hoyt, and Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Keenan Burns.

In 2012, Hastings was honored to be named a Dealer of the Year for Window & Door Magazine. This annual award recognizes the top window and door Retailers and distributors in the industry. Hastings was featured for Overall Excellence – Leadership Serving Professionals, one of the magazine’s top two awards.  The 2012 Dealer of the Year Award is an honor that we celebrate and share with our colleagues at Marvin and with our valued customers. We recognize that this award is a direct result of the strength of our relationships in the distribution channel.  There is no doubt that we have a world-class supplier in Marvin, and the strongest, most committed Retailer base in the industry.