A.W. Hastings is the exclusive distributor of the Marvin Family of Brands of windows and doors throughout New England and eastern New York. Much like Marvin, whose products we’ve focused on exclusively for more than 25 years, A.W. Hastings is also a family business. Owned and operated by the Hoyt family – just the second family to own the business since its founding in 1846 – we’ve built our company by focusing on establishing relationships rather than making a quick transaction.

A.W. Hastings is now owned by Dusty and Jody Hoyt, the sons of Ivan Hoyt who purchased the company in 1946 from descendants of its founding family. Dusty, the president, and Jody, our company’s treasurer, are actively involved in the day-to-day management of the business.

Joining Dusty and Jody on the Hastings executive leadership team is Keenan Burns, our vice president and chief executive officer, who began working with the company in 1988.

The A.W. Hastings vision statement is “Make It Easy to Buy Marvin Products.”  We achieve this by fostering a workplace that recognizes that each and every Hastings employee is critical to our ability to provide an unmatched customer experience and build beneficial partnerships with our Retailers.

As a wholesale distributor of the Marvin Family of Brands products, rather than a business that sells directly to the public, our role in ensuring that it is in fact ‘easy to buy Marvin products’  lies in helping our Retailers deliver premium value combined with unsurpassed customer service. By focusing our entire business exclusively on Marvin distribution, we are able to provide our Retailers with elevated levels of support in marketing, education, sales and technical expertise. 

By staying focused on the five key cultural attributes we have identified for our company – family, continuous improvement, enthusiasm, integrity and pride – A.W. Hastings and the Hoyt family hope to continue to work alongside our retail partners, and our community, for generations to come.