Q. Can an architect work directly with Hastings and not go through a Retailer to purchase Marvin products? 
A. Every contractor must purchase through one of Hastings’ Independent Retailers.  If you don’t have a Retailer relationship, we can help you establish one.  Contact us today! 

Q. I have an historical project – what options does Marvin provide?
A. Marvin is an industry leader in developing customized historical solutions.  Marvin Signature Services deliver a truly custom solution to comply with local historic preservation guidelines.  Founded in 1846 in Boston, Hastings also has an extensive background in working on these often complex projects.  Let us help you make the case for Marvin as an ideal historical solution.

Q. Can you assist me with shop drawings?
A. Definitely!  After the project is quoted by our Retailer, Hastings will create drawings.

Q. Can Marvin build windows for the project I have in mind?
A. Marvin has the industry’s most extensive selection of sizes, shapes, styles – an array of options to match any project or design.  We would be very happy to share your project needs with the Marvin team and work with them to determine what’s possible!  And if it’s never been done before – that might simply mean that Marvin just hasn’t done it yet! 

Q. How can I stay ahead of the most current products and options?
A. One great way is to sign up for the Marvin or Integrity product newsletters!

Q. What’s the largest window you can ship?
A. 80 square feet – are you sure you have room for it?