It’s LBM Expo Week!

Posted: February 6, 2013

Wow, it’s hard to believe that LBM Expo 2013 is upon us!   Initial preparations for this show began about 11 months ago and continued right up to… last Friday!

Packing Up…With Attention to Detail!

The show opens TODAY at 9:30 am and ends on Friday at 1:30 pm.  That’s the easy part.  The pre-show logistics and execution is where all the action is.  For this show we not only have the booth to set up but we also have a large meeting/presentation room, off the show floor, which has to be set up as well.

The final pre-show preparation began on Friday morning when all the displays and support material were carefully wrapped and strategically positioned on transport carts and then onto the truck.


Hitting the Road for Boston!

Once the truck arrives at the venue, usually around 6:30 am, the real action begins.  The Hynes Auditorium, in Boston, offers some unique scenarios which make the entire move-in and setup process much more challenging than at many other show sites.  First of all, the loading docks are located in an underground garage area with only one way in and out.  The drivers have to back the trucks down the ramp and then squeeze into a tight loading dock space.  All I can say is I’m glad I’m not the driver!  With everyone jockeying for position and wanting to be the first one in it can get pretty hectic.  The Dock Master has his hands full!

Another challenge here is that you have to use a freight elevator to get your crates up to the show floor.  Again with everyone trying to do this at the same time the process gets pretty complicated.  You can’t be timid or shy in this environment.  We try to carefully choreograph the entire process by strategically off loading our crates.  The first item to come off is our 4 sided hanging sign.  We have the Union hang the sign, above the booth, before all of our crates arrive and block their access to the booth.  Once the sign is hung, and even before all the crates arrive, a couple of the crew members begin snaking the power cords under the carpet.  Once this is completed, the entire crew of 6 begin setting the displays in the booth according to a predetermined layout.  After everything is in place, the crew cleans all the displays and makes sure everything is in proper working order.

A lot goes into the entire process of planning, setting up, executing and breaking down a show like LBM and it takes a team of dedicated people to make it all happen.  A sincere thank you to all those who helped plan and execute what promises to be another successful LBM Expo.

See you in Boston!

Bill Jackson
Show & Exhibition Manager