Countdown to JLC Live – Behind the Scenes!

Posted: March 18, 2013

photo 5All of us at Hastings are getting geared up for this week’s JLC Live in Providence, RI!  I’d like to give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of what went into the creation of the JLC 2013 show set.

Just a few weeks after the JLC 2012 show, the team came together to see what worked, what didn’t, and what could we do better for 2013. Well – that’s when it hit me! It all started sinking in, and my brain starts going a million miles an hour. We just had one of the best shows ever – how do I do my part in making next year’s experience even more of an interactive, eye-popping, millwork thrill-of-a-lifetime event?  As I listened to various ideas being thrown around the room, I started taking notes and drawing sketches of how an extended new portion of the booth would all tie together to create a seamless cohesive look.

I returned to my desk with my notes and my many drawings –  where do I start? First things first –  I wanted to create an even more open feel to an already open booth. Instead of just having trusses that are supported in the corners of the booth, how about having them canter leaver at the main entrance to be even more inviting to our customers? Next, how do we take those already cool interactive free standing pieces from last year and create even more of an open floor space feel with them? I started drawing new concepts of how we can fit them into the walls that will support our new truss system and complement our existing system. What we did is create rough openings to support the look we have throughout the booth, and fit those interactive pieces in them. This then allows us to have the same feel and experience in both halves of our booth without sacrificing that cohesive feel that we were looking for.

Now the real fun starts – the construction! And during the construction phase, we can’t forget that Trade Show season is here, and that we must also support our dealers that in return support us! With everything going on, it becomes challenging at times to take on such a large project alone in the Trade Show Department. So that’s when I started asking for favors from our other departments at Hastings. I would like to thank all those who had (or will have) a hand in painting, building, redesigning, dismantling, packing, delivering and setting up the set at the venue.  I also truly appreciate all the suggestions on the whole process and the fact that we were able to work together as one team.

I have learned over the years that we should humble ourselves and listen to others for alone we do not have all the answers. So a big thank you to the talented unsung heroes of Hastings. The praise goes to you this year, for helping in making this year’s 2013 JLC the huge hit I know it will be!

John E. Tyler
Show & Exhibition Product Manager

John Tyler