JLC Live: Building Connections for Future Success

Posted: April 9, 2013

JLC Live 2013 is in the books – and by all accounts, it was a fantastic show that allowed us to deliver a truly premier experience for attendees.  I’ve been thinking about what made this particular show so successful, with an eye on how we can apply what we learned at the show to help our retailers and their customers grow their businesses as we move forward.

marvin jlc 2013 wideshot

JLC Live is a show that touches many diverse areas of Hastings, with involvement from employees across our company.  As I consider the teamwork that went into the planning and execution of this show, from a completely revamped booth design to our brand message development and marketing communications, and from our sales team coordination with retailers to the execution of the event itself, I can’t help but be amazed at how these wide-ranging efforts came together.  It’s easy to see that while our employees are phenomenal in their own disciplines, we are at our most effective when we come together as a team in pursuit of a common goal.

This year’s booth took on a whole new feel, portraying the Marvin Family of Products in a very realistic job-site setting. This approach provided the perfect environment, generating a high energy level and enabling us to bring the trade customer into their element while fully engaging them in our messaging on product features and benefits.   Installation demos by Marshall Baser and John Tyler were also extremely effective for our hands-on audience on the show floor.

I always enjoy talking to tradespeople about their business, and this year was no exception.  Many contractors shared that the Replace and Remodel segment continues to lead the way, and as the housing market continues to improve, several of them had residential new construction projects underway as well.  I also spoke with several contractors who had recent interactions with Hastings on the service side. Many of my conversations were with business owners and decision makers – people who are getting the job done every day.

For me, the JLC Live show is about building connections – and our work doesn’t end just because the show is over.  For the Hastings team, this show serves as a great reminder that even tradespeople who are loyal users of the Marvin Family of Products can benefit from more product education.  As Marvin’s product lines evolve, we need to not only continually deliver that education – but we must also measure its effectiveness.  In that respect, this show is a key benchmarking opportunity for us, as we consider our next steps in reaching out to the important trade audience in conjunction with our retailers.

It’s important to note that through our efforts at JLC Live, we are sending a strong message not only to the trade audience, but to our retailer customers as well.  Hastings is committed to adding value for our retailers, and we appreciate their willingness to support our investment and engage with us on a show like JLC Live.  We thank our retailers for not only getting their trade customers to the show, but for allowing us the opportunity to talk to them about the Marvin Family of Products in a series of special presentations.

Thanks to everyone who played a part in making the 2013 JLC Live show a tremendous success.  I know that our customers have product and supplier choices, and I speak for all of us at Hastings when I say that there’s nothing more gratifying that having a customer choose our product and our supplier.  Adding loyalty to the process is the ultimate reward – that’s when we know we’re doing things right!

Keenan Burns
Executive Vice President & COO