“Did you remember to ask for the sale?”

Posted: May 8, 2013

This spring I spent a fair amount of time traveling our territory helping to promote all of the most recent additions to the Integrity product offerings and listening to feedback.

On one such recent trip I had the chance to speak with a seasoned salesperson with one of our retail partners, and after we spoke about the recent line additions and his personal wish list he shared a quick story about a recent experience he had.

While working in the store one day a customer came in and immediately approached another salesperson. When that salesperson asked about the reason for visiting them, the answer was one I am willing to bet is not often heard,  “I am interested in seeing and getting information on Ultrex windows.” I questioned the person telling me the story to make sure I heard him correctly and said did you mean Integrity Windows?  He assured me the customer asked specifically for Ultrex by name.

It just so happened that the salesperson she first approached was not comfortable enough about the product to go any further and introduced her to the salesperson who was telling me this story.  He took over from there and in short order showed the customer several displays and answered some questions about options. At this point the customer produced a specific window type and size that they wished to have priced out now that they had decided on their specifications. The salesperson quickly used Marvin’s Order Management System to provide the price for this unit and just as the customer was readying themselves to leave he said:

“You know, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t ask you what you were doing for a project and if there are other windows or materials involved?

The customer proceeded to produce an entire list of windows and doors for a new home they were building locally. The salesperson asked to quote the entire list and while they waited produced an estimate on the spot. The customer looked at the total, asked about their terms and proceeded to pull out their checkbook and pay for the order in full. Start to finish this whole process took place in less than 30 minutes.

I know what you are thinking as I was thinking the same thing. Yes, this really did happen – but it could just as easily not have happened had this salesperson not “asked for the order.” Do you ask for the order when given the chance?

~Ben Brockett
Integrity Brand Manager