An Annual Hastings Family Tradition

Posted: May 17, 2013

It hardly seems possible, but a week has passed since our Annual Meeting on May 9th. We’re already back into the rhythm of our daily routines and schedules and the afterglow of the meeting has started to fade. But, wait! Not so fast! I want to take a moment to remind everyone about why it is that we have our Annual Meeting.


Hastings President Dusty Hoyt (foreground) and Treasurer Jodyt Hoyt lead the company’s 2013 Annual Meeting.

Our Annual Meeting is a unique occasion where our entire organization comes together to visit with our peers in a relaxed atmosphere. Many businesses have company-wide meetings, but they are often focused on business plans or strategy. We touch on these things during our meeting, but we see our Annual Meeting more as an opportunity to step back for a moment and reflect on who we are as a company.


A number of years ago, we identified character traits that we believe define us as a company: Pride, Integrity, Enthusiasm, Family and Continuous Improvement. There may be other traits that can be used to describe us, but these seemed to best summarize what our organization aspires to. The Annual Meeting is a celebration of these traits:

PridePride. Nothing produces a stronger sense of pride than to see our entire organization congregating together and realizing how much talent and experience we have, representing such a broad range of disciplines.

FamilyFamily. When you ask a member of the Hastings community to name our five Cultural Attributes, invariably they begin with Family. It’s not only evident in the chemistry we enjoy but also in the way that we support each other, not just in a business sense but in a personal sense. Our Annual Meeting is the personification of this attribute.


EnthusiasmEnthusiasm. During the meeting, we like to have fun. I’m proud that our President has the humility to step up on stage dressed as a silly character. It may not seem business-like but if we don’t occasionally loosen up, we risk losing our perspective. We want to nurture enthusiasm because it’s amazing how much more gets accomplished with it.

IntegrityIntegrity. Our success is a result of our determination to take a long view, always strive to do the right thing and avoid the temptation of a quick fix. Maintaining our integrity has been a key component of our longevity. Our ability to adapt by providing valued resources for our customers and supplier speaks volumes about the integrity of this company.

Cont_ImpContinuous Improvement. This attribute was the topic of focus for this year’s meeting and summarized in our company’s vision statement: Make it easy to buy Marvin products. One of the reasons that we settled on this vision is that it’s unobtainable! We can never make it easy enough! Continuous improvement is the essence of our vision.

During the Annual Meeting, we celebrate our positive qualities but we have to remain aware of the fact that our company probably has some negative traits, too. Everyone does. But if we are realistic and face up to them, trusting our core attributes of continuous improvement, enthusiasm, integrity, pride and family, our company can look forward to a strong and vital future.

A.W. Hastings 2013

The Hastings Family – May 9, 2013

A lot of effort goes into preparing our Annual Meeting and we hope that everyone had an enjoyable and fulfilling meeting experience. We look ahead to next year, embracing this year’s focus on continuous improvement, with the hope that our next meeting will be even better and more meaningful than ever.

-Jody Hoyt, Treasurer

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