Building Brand Advocates – A Labor of Love!

Posted: July 9, 2013

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit with an accomplished builder in Fairfield County, Peter Fusaro of Preferred Builders. I’ve heard and read about Peter through the grapevine here at Hastings as well as through the various contractor communication channels, i.e. builder publications, social media.

The reason for my visit was to tour a residential project that has received numerous honors for its “green” accomplishments. This project, named The Performance House, now also Peter’s home as a model for prospective buyers, was a winner of the 2012 Zero Energy Challenge. Peter was extremely proud to show people this home, as the amount of work that went into the project was lengthy and required an extreme amount of attention to detail.

As I was driving down to visit Peter, my mind began spinning with questions I could ask him about – of course focused around why did you choose Integrity? What do you like about the brand? What can we do to serve you better? I wanted to be sure that I could get as much information as possible in my short visit.

As I entered the house (to 2 beautiful high energy dogs as well!), I quickly learned that questions weren’t going to be needed here. Peter was filled with information, and his face truly showed his love of the home and the project. Peter is completely committed to the idea of “green construction” and especially to the products and companies he chooses to work for.

Peter Fusaro

Hastings’ Sandra Stoughton and Peter Fusaro

In the marketing world, we always look for brand advocates – people who truly love the brand, and in turn tell others about that love. This was clearly the case with Peter. He was able to recount for me exactly how and when he “fell in love with Integrity.” I guess I’ve wondered if people really do feel that strongly about their building products, in the same way that I love my iPhone or my new car. I certainly learned this day that it is possible.

It was an enjoyable morning spent with Peter touring the home. I don’t know if Peter knew just how great I thought the visit and day was with him, but I was sure to end the day with a huge thank you – a thank you not only for his time and the tour, but also for his business.

(For additional information about the Performance House, you can visit Peter’s Preferred Builders web site.)

-Sandra Stoughton
Integrity Brand Manager  

Sandra Stoughton