Marvin & Integrity Windows and Doors for a Combined Renovation and New Construction Project

Posted: July 15, 2013

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The Cellardoor Winery in Linconville, Maine teamed up with Phi Home Designs to embark on a 4-year series of projects that included the renovation of a 200-year-old barn and construction of a new wine making facility. The combination of both historic and commercial needs presented a challenge of compatibility.

Phi Home Designs Owner Michael Roy said, “We wanted the right look with a combination of barn sash style windows and some clear view double hung windows out the back of the farmhouse, to take advantage of the beautiful vineyard view. Marvin makes it possible to change the design from one section of a building to another, while still keeping the continuity throughout. Because the main building was going to see many, many visitors on a yearly basis, Marvin was the absolute right choice.”

Using Integrity in the new wine making facility (which is located across the street from the barn) allowed for some cost savings without jeopardizing quality or the architectural feel of the building. “Integrity had just the right amount of options, while staying within the Marvin Family of Products for each main building on the winery grounds kept the look and style cohesive, ”Roy said. “The two project lines are very compatible.”

CONTRACTOR: Phi Home Designs
RETAILER: EBS Building Supplies

  • Marvin Clad Ultimate Double Hung
  • Marvin Clad Ultimate Transom
  • Marvin Clad Ultimate Outswing French Door
  • Marvin Clad Ultimate Casement
  • Marvin Clad Ultimate Awning
  • Integrity All-Ultrex

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