Coastal Perspectives: Seaside Renovation Project Profile

Posted: September 18, 2013

Homeowners with ocean views want products that will hold up against the elements and won’t detract from the scenery – all while adding beauty to their homes. When remodeling a home that has seen the tides come and go for over 100 years, high quality products that perform well in extreme environments are especially key to ensuring the structure’s continued longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Here’s a coastal success story that helps to illustrate the important role that the right products can play – a seaside renovation project that completely reworks an original century-old waterfront home in Gloucester, MA.  After convincing the homeowners that a renovation could provide more square footage and make better use of the budget than a tear-down and new construction, Architect Michael Szalaji focused on Atlantic Ocean views, the home’s classic architecture and New England tradition in his re-design of the interior layout.

Custom sized Marvin replacement windows and patio doors matched the original openings to maximize views of the Atlantic coastline. The simulated divided light features on all the Marvin products used maintained a classic look on the exterior while providing the necessary update to thermal and moisture protection that the coastal location requires.

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