Countdown to ABX!

Posted: September 20, 2013

We are already approaching fall! This means “crunch time” for ABX, (ArchitectureBoston Expo), the largest architectural event in New England, which falls in November each year. The true planning for the event begins immediately following the previous year’s Show, but September and October bring many meetings and conversations, a lot of design and building, and of course, quick changes.

ABX 2012

ABX 2012 Show Floor  – Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

I’m excited to say that for Hastings, this year has been the best yet in terms of planning for this Show, thanks to our home show team, inside and outside sales teams, business development group, graphic design, and brand and field marketing teams. We are further ahead in development this year compared to past years, and this is a credit to the creativity and input of all groups mentioned above.

ABX was formerly Build Boston – which was the same style of show, but targeted only toward commercial design and architecture. In 2011, they merged with Residential Design, a similar show that occurred in the spring but was targeted to the residential segment. In the fall of 2012, ABX held its first ever Show at the Boston Convention Center.

This year more than ever, I’m excited for our Hastings booth. Our team has worked to create a truly engaging experience presenting our premier brands. In addition to the booth, we are bringing back our luncheons, where we have an opportunity to engage with the architectural audience for an hour and update them on what’s new and what’s coming from Marvin, Integrity and Infinity.

I’m incredibly grateful for the support from our Home Show team. They’ve upped our game considerably on large shows by really looking carefully at our display department in search of the most effective and efficient means of building and repurposing. In the past couple years, they have created a mock-up of the show floor in the Hastings warehouse, so we can have a true feel for how our displays will be presented at the Show. This was a home run for us as it gives us greater efficiency on the day of set up; but more importantly, it gives us the ability to catch any issues prior to set up for the actual Show. Kudos John Tyler, Bruce Kinnin, Mike Papineau and Bill Conroy!

Watch more information on our progress with ABX, including some in-progress photos over the next couple months. And be sure to save the date for the Show, November 19-21, 2013. Visit for more info on the Show itself.

Sandra Stoughton -Sandra Stoughton
Integrity Brand Manager