Installing Windows? Reach for your installation instructions BEFORE reaching for your level and hammer

Posted: March 18, 2014

Installation Photos - powerpoint size-72Let’s face it, when it comes to installing building products like windows and doors, often we install them without really reading the instructions that the manufacturer provides. Sometimes those instructions don’t even make it out of the wrapper. After all, it takes time to read through them and figure everything out. And, I’ve heard it said many times, if you installed one window and it worked properly, you can install all other windows the same way, right? Well, the truth is you might get lucky using this logic for a while, but eventually, odds are you will run into a “leaker” and end up in a tough spot. This usually means a “call back” which costs time and money to fix.

Here are some facts to consider: Window manufacturers build their windows using materials and assembly techniques specific to their products. They are all different. Once built, the products are tested for performance (their ability to resist external forces like air and water infiltration). Further, this testing is done with the window installed in a wall using a very specific installation method that the manufacturer knows works best with their product. The manufacturer then documents what was done along the way. So, those instructions that come with your new product are really a very well thought out, step by step, tested, installation method that the manufacturer knows, if followed, will provide for the best long-term operation and performance of their window. In short, this means a window that operates properly and keeps air and water outside the building where it belongs. Isn’t that what we want?

Armed with this knowledge, you can now install your next house load of windows feeling confident that if you follow what the manufacturer has documented in their installation instructions, it will work, and you won’t end up getting that call from an unhappy customer during the next hard wind/rain storm that their window is leaking. You can rest easy!

So the next time you unpack those brand new windows and are tempted to reach for the level and hammer and get right to work, pause and reach for the installation instructions first. It may be the best time you spend on your job site today.

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Marvin and Integrity Windows and Doors make it easy for you to get the installation instructions you need. They come with the product, and you can find them online at these links for Marvin and Integrity). I also encourage you to check out our brand new window installation video series.  Let us know how we can help!

Marshall BaserMarshall Baser
Market Development Manager
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