Making a Difference With Project HomeFront

Posted: May 13, 2014

Earlier this month, Hastings’ Show and Exhibition Product Manager John Tyler and his daughter Emily had the opportunity to join a team of Hastings volunteers for Project HomeFront – a program originally founded by AmeriCares to help people in need in Connecticut rehabilitate their homes to make them safe and livable. John shares the experience of working with the team on two homes in Enfield.

“The homeowners so appreciate the support of volunteers. Paul, the son of the homeowner Lillian, had expressed to me throughout the entire day how lucky he felt to have such good people helping his Mom out. Paul said, “We need more people like those at Hastings in the world.”

Lillian is a very proud person and just could still not believe that this was actually happening to her. She felt that maybe some else was more deserving of this help. Not one to let a good deed go unappreciated, Lillian knew how to give back – from the heart. As Paul said, “Food is the best way to show your appreciation.” And let me tell you, it was delicious!

As I have said before doing stuff like this just gives you a good feeling all over, and my daughter Emily says “I can’t wait till next year’s HomeFront project.” That night after we had finished up the jobs I asked Emily she liked best about today. She replied – “The people, I love working with everyone!”  I couldn’t agree more!”


John and Emily Tyler on the job site for Project HomeFront.

HomeFront is a community-based, volunteer-driven home repair program that provides free repairs to low-income homeowners in Fairfield, Hartford and New Haven Counties in Connecticut; and Westchester County, New York, enabling them to remain in their homes with an improved quality of life.

A big thanks to Hastings’ Patrick Carbone for another outstanding day of organizing this event – and kudos to John, Emily, and the awesome team of Hastings volunteers for making a difference in our community.