Living the Dream – Attending Dreamforce!

Posted: October 22, 2014

Hastings’ Director of Operations, Bruce Meekin shares his first time experience attending Dreamforce, the annual Salesforce conference held in San Francisco.

From the home of the Patriots to the home of the Niners…it was all about the experience!

I had the pleasure of attending our retailer forum at Patriot Place in Foxboro earlier this month. In Foxboro we spent two days with some of our Retailer Partners with a focus on enhancing the experience of our end customers. I left the forum impressed with the strength of our relationship with our partners and the wide range of resources our partners and our company bring to our market. It brought to mind the challenge of coordinating all of these resources; marketing, education, sales, and operations to ensure the brand experience for the end user.salesforce-logo

This past week at Dreamforce, the annual Salesforce conference held in San Francisco, the challenge was answered. Salesforce is the cloud database we use at Hastings to manage our customer interactions and relationships. I had never been to Dreamforce, so my initial thought was that I was attending a software convention. Dreamforce was far more than that. There were over 140,000 registered attendees all looking for ways to enhance the experience for their customers. I was excited to see the focus was right in line with ideas we discussed at our retailer forum.Dreamforce 2014

It would be impossible for me to cover all that I learned in this short article, so I will focus on The Salesforce Customer Success Platform. The Platform connects marketing, sales and service as a team to provide a personal brand experience for every interaction with every customer. An important part of the Platform is Communities that engage customers, partners and employees enabling communication and information sharing across previously perceived boundaries.The Customer Success Platform

Salesforce introduced WAVE as a component of the Platform capturing data from every interaction and providing easy access to key analytics for all team members.

Applications (Apps) were also introduced to the Platform to create personalized experiences for the customer. Apps can be built quickly and can be used on any mobile device.Field Service

The following link will connect you to the opening film for Dreamforce:

It describes a connected community of resources working together to provide personalized experiences for our customers, experiences that today’s customers expect.

The theme running through the presentations at Dreamforce was to be disruptive in the market. To create change and do it quickly, and be ready to do it again, and again. The WAVE analytics cloud was introduced to a live performance of the Beach Boys singing Catch a Wave. It struck me that waves tend to come crashing down. Rather than catching a wave, Salesforce is creating waves. At Dreamforce, the challenge was for all of us to do the same.

Bruce MeekinBruce Meekin,
Director of Operations, A.W. Hastings