Integrity Brings an Artist’s Vision to Life

Posted: July 28, 2015

Hastings summer intern Joshua LaJoie, an English major entering his junior year at Wheaton College, recently had the opportunity to learn more about a special Integrity project on Martha’s Vineyard.

“A simple expression of an artist’s retreat finds itself well settled among the surrounding nature which inspired it.”
— Patrick Gordon, A.W. Hastings Products & Services Consultant


Art Studio, Martha’s Vineyard / Featuring Integrity Wood-Ultrex

Within the natural confines of Martha’s Vineyard, among the New England firs, lies a newly constructed structure for an artist to call Eden. The size of the structure is not overwhelming, yet it overwhelms. The walls are not decorated, yet they are decorative. The artist studio is by any measure small and simple; however, this is a place of astonishment.

The design will seek to service the creative impulses of an artist. The environment surrounding the building will provide plenty of fodder for inspiration, accompanied by the ambient sounds of songbirds and leaves rustling with the wind. Hastings Product and Services Representative Patrick Gordon, who worked with Portsmouth NH architect Robert Westhelle on the project, said that the cabin “will serve to inspire and offer a deep sense of relaxation. The space will be both a spiritual and intellectual getaway.” Ultimately the area will act as a refuge from the distracting complexities of the outside world.

One of the elements used to create such an ideal aesthetic on the building was Integrity Windows. The artist decided on Integrity Wood-Ultrex in Pebble Gray with pre-finished interior white. Pebble Gray was selected to complement the weathering of the exterior cedar to a silver gray. The cabin will not have a heated interior, thus Integrity Windows are entrusted with providing heat retention. Due to its rural location, the Cabin relies on a certain degree of durability – durability that Integrity can certainly deliver.

Natural light is key to the cabin’s experience. With awnings placed high on the wall and throughout, a soft ambient light enters and encourages concentration. A wall, however, is left bare for the artist to hang his work in honor and speculation. The walls will endure as a sanctuary for the artist’s emotional, yet physical expressions.

Integrity has certainly made this project whole, as light is a major contributor to the final presentation of art. Not only is Integrity able to provide sufficient natural lighting for the creative spaces, but it has also provided strong heat insulation with the durability of Ultrex material suitable for all climate conditions.

Everyone needs a place they can call their own personal paradise. This New England reservation is just one example of how creativity and materials can come together to create just that.

Integrity and the Marvin Family of Brands offer options suitable for all inspirational projects, and can play an integral part in bringing your own Eden to life.


Joshua LaJoie
A.W. Hastings
Marketing Communications Intern