Routine Care & Maintenance – Maintaining Energy Panels

Posted: October 27, 2015

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Routine Care and Maintenance Series
Tips for Enjoying Marvin and Integrity Products

Hastings Signature Services surrounds the Marvin Window and Door ownership experience with a comprehensive suite of product care related services. In this ongoing series, we will deliver easy-to-share tips that can help homeowners enjoy life with their windows and doors – because the relationship doesn’t end with the sale!

Maintaining Energy Panels:

Here are the many panel and screen options offered by Marvin

Here’s a look at the many panel and screen options offered by Marvin. (Click to enlarge.)

Often confused with storm windows, an energy panel is technically a glazing option. It is a removable, exterior glass panel finished on the edges by a surround. Energy panels cover the exposed glass surface of each sash, and offer added energy efficiency for wood windows with single glazing.

To keep your panels in optimum working order, occasionally make sure that all fasteners on your energy panels are closed securely. Clean and maintain the glass the same way as your other windows for regular interior and exterior care.

Do not caulk around your energy panel. It is designed to allow a certain amount of air circulation.

Download the most up to date copies of the Marvin and Integrity Owner’s Manuals along with other great resources from or by clicking the images below.


Integrity Owner's Manual

Integrity Owner’s Manual

Marvin Owner's Manual

Marvin Owner’s Manual