#NextGenStyle Collection Wows at LBM 2016

Posted: February 9, 2016

It is really easy to write the words “Marvin is all about design possibilities”, maybe even easier to skim over them as you are reading a marketing piece. Many of us spend substantial time and energy trying to bring this statement to life for everyone we meet. With all the energy focused on other people’s Marvin inspiration, how often do you think about what YOUR Marvin style would be?  If your answer is ‘never’ (or even if its ‘all the time!’), keep reading!

We posed this very question to the Hastings community and we received 32 incredibly inspired, very diverse submissions. It was difficult to choose just a few to actually bring to life, but we landed on the finalists and asked our friends at Marvin Windows and Doors to handcraft each one based on the original inspiration. I am proud to announce that we are publicly unveiling the 7 inspired designs that make up our 2016 #NextGenStyle Collection at the LBM Show in Providence, RI this week.


LBM #NextGenStyle posters_Page_03-crop

What happens when you ask a team of passionate window lovers to imagine their dream
Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung?

Driven by their own creativity and inspiration, and supported by Marvin’s Built Around You promise, our team members took standard design options and developed window designs that are uniquely their own.

Explore this sampling of our team’s designs, and then CREATE A PERSONALIZED SET OF MARVIN STYLE OPTIONS for your own #NextGenStyle.

#NextGenStyle is made possible by A.W. Hastings & Co. and Marvin Windows and Doors. It is also supported by the Marvin Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung Window.

If you are attending the show in Providence, please stop by and see these masterpieces on display, then take a few minutes to play with Marvin’s design options and share your vision for a personalized Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung window. If you aren’t going to be in Providence, check us out on Instagram or Facebook and follow the action, then let us know what your #NextGenStyle would be.

MIanaMiana Hoyt Dawson
Marketing Brand Manager
A.W. Hastings