Routine Care & Maintenance – Marvin Ultimate Glider

Posted: March 4, 2016

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Routine Care and Maintenance Series
Tips for Enjoying Marvin and Integrity Products

Hastings Signature Services surrounds the Marvin Window and Door ownership experience with a comprehensive suite of product care related services. In this ongoing series, we will deliver easy-to-share tips that can help homeowners enjoy life with their windows and doors – because the relationship doesn’t end with the sale!

Ultimate Glider:

Operation and Maintenance

Ultimate Glider Window

Ultimate Glider Window

The Ultimate Glider features one handed operation. Grasp the handle to both unlock and open the sash. Push the sash closed and it will lock automatically. When the sash is closed completely the tabs will make an audible “clicking” noise, indicating the locks are engaged. Periodically clean the sash slide track located under the sash. Spray slide track lightly with furniture wax to prevent sticking. Be sure to wipe off any excess wax.

How to Remove the Glider Sash

Open the interior operator sash to the fully open position. Depress the sash retainer bar latch and slide the retainer bar completely free of the sash. Grasp both sides of the sash, tilt the top inward and remove the sash. To install, reverse the above procedure.

XX Configurations (The letters OX or XO identify the operation of window or door units as viewed from the exterior. The letter O stands for stationary while the letter X stands for operating. XX identifies two operating sash with no stationary sash.)

After the interior operator sash has been removed, slide the interior sash retainer bar back across the head jamb (The top piece of the window frame) to its closed position. Open the sash to the fully open position, depress the sash retainer bar latch and slide the sash retainer bar completely free of the sash. Grasp the sash on both sides, tilt the top inward and remove the sash. To install the sash reverse the above procedures.

Install the Screen (Clad)

Open the interior operator sash to the fully open position and insert the screen, with the screen guides towards the bottom, into the opening. Pull the screen up tight against the frame while pulling on the screen pins. Once the screen is tight against the frame let go of the pins.

NOTE: For XX units install the screen with the astragal (an astragal is a moulding applied to one stile of the window where the other window sash strikes) first and slide it across the opening tight up against the side jamb.

Detailed information on installation, sash removal and screen removal can be found in the installation section of our website (

Install the Screen (Wood)

Position the spring side stile of the screen into the sash screen channel and compress until the tab side can be inserted into the jamb screen channel on the other side.

Download the most up to date copies of the Marvin and Integrity Owner’s Manuals along with other great resources from or by clicking the images below.

Integrity Owner's Manual

Integrity Owner’s Manual

Marvin Owner's Manual

Marvin Owner’s Manual