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Posted: November 5, 2018

The Northeast coast is home to some of the most magnificent properties in the country. No one knows better than you, our architect partners, that this region’s rich coastal heritage provides inspiring design opportunities. It also creates unique challenges and requirements when designing and building along the seacoast and islands of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. The Nor’easters of 2018 are a very recent reminder of the need to pay close attention to Design Pressure (DP) values. Marvin and Integrity offer windows and doors specifically designed for the requirements of coastal and impact zone construction. Here’s an update on the various ways both Marvin Windows and Doors and A.W. Hastings are here to assist you before, during and after your coastal project is completed.


A.W. Hastings Delivers the Marvin Coastal Promise
Long-time A. W. Hastings Coastal Windows and Doors Specialists Vin Andrews and Barry Sturgis shared their thoughts on today’s coastal projects and how Marvin and A.W. Hastings are working to provide the industry’s best solutions.


Vin Andrews: I think of coastal projects in terms of three things: DP values, finish and installation. Each one is critical and they all work together. I consult with architects regularly to help them find high performance solutions to meet their DP values based on the location of the home, whether it’s on a beachfront or up on a bluff or has other factors that will impact wind load or wind-borne debris hazards. Then we look at finishes, like laminated glazing to prevent breach of glass where that’s a concern, as well as state-of-the-art hardware finishes that provide protection against deterioration from salt, sun and temperature swings. And then we talk installation. Their building specs need to be even more precise on coastal projects and A.W. Hastings and our retail dealers support architects in their mission to close the loop on installation. We are happy to go on site to provide installation trainings, especially with coastal projects, where drainage, wind skirts and flashing are crucial to the performance of the windows and doors. The plan is only the beginning; the execution is crucial and we want to make sure the architect’s vision and the client’s expectations are realized in a way they will be enjoyed for many years to come.

“state-of-the-art hardware finishes that provide protection against deterioration from salt, sun and temperature swings”

Barry Sturgis: There’s a lot of talk about the flying debris requirements being relaxed in coastal communities, but we recommend to architects and design/build remodelers that it’s key to talk to the local officials in the community where they are building before starting to design a plan. Each town (and home insurance company, for that matter) can approach the requirements differently and you can save a lot of your own time and your client’s money by researching this issue at the start. Since coastal projects often take years to complete, the codes and requirements may have changed since your last project. Even where impact ratings may be loosening, you still want the highest rating possible for wind, air and water when specifying windows and doors. This is one place that architects can and should advise clients. You don’t want to scrimp on budget for the envelope of your home. Besides roofing and siding, your windows and doors are critical to comfort and safety on the coast. While most homeowners would rather spend that budget on interior finishes, it’s key for the architect to be a trusted advisor on windows and doors.


Barry Sturgis: Marvin has worked hard over the past few years to enhance its suite of coastal products. While Marvin has always provided quality coastal solutions, the dramatic increase in homeowners requesting expansive glass has driven Marvin to invest significant resources more recently in this area. We’re talking about investment not only in financial resources, but also production line space and rigorous testing. We’ve long offered a beautiful, high-performance Ultimate Bi-Fold Door, but in the past two years that product was redesigned to even more rigorously meet the performance ratings Marvin wanted to offer for waterfront projects. Marvin also redesigned the Ultimate Multi-Slide to provide three high-performance sill options with drainage planes that are crucial to the increased desire to blur the lines between inside and out. Homeowners don’t want any impediment to the seamless flow between the interior floor and the outdoor surface and Marvin has made that possible with flush sills that have superior drainage.

“Homeowners don’t want any impediment to the seamless flow between the interior floor and the outdoor surface”


Vin Andrews:
 When you live at the coast, you have to understand that sun, salt air, humidity and temperature swings are all going to impact your home and especially your windows and doors. The first line of protection is a superior paint finish. Architects can feel confident that all Marvin factory-applied finishes are the best in the industry. All Marvin StormPlus extruded aluminum clad products meet AAMA 2605, the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association’s toughest specification for aluminum cladding and they’re built with a fluoropolymer finish, which heightens resistance to chalking, pitting, fading, corrosion and marring.
Barry Sturgis: Even with Marvin’s extraordinary finishes, I suggest that homeowners think of their windows and doors like they would a fine automobile. If you have an expensive automobile sitting outside year-round at the coast, you’ll want to make sure you maintain it to maximize its look for a long time. It’s the same with windows and doors that are exposed to salt air, sun and storms. Washing the exterior of windows and doors once or twice a year is key removing salt deposits and dirt to maintain this key part of a home’s curb appeal and lifestyle performance. While it isn’t necessarily the architect’s job to educate the homeowner on maintenance, and we do mention this through our Marvin retail dealers, it’s important for homeowners to know. Whether they plan to do the maintenance themselves or have a company that comes to do other maintenance on their property, this should be a priority.




Vern Vip- Architect, Interior Designer and star of TLC’s “Trading spaces”



There is a long list of reasons to choose Marvin Windows and Doors for unrivaled critical protection for your clients’ coastal homes.
Here are just the top three:

Strong & Durable Cladding
Marvin’s revolutionary StormPlus® extruded aluminum clad products meet AAMA 2605, the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association’s toughest specification for aluminum cladding. Unlike roll-form aluminum, Marvin’s clad extrusions are formed first and then painted – this results in superior adhesion and a consistently thick finish so that your Marvin clad products will retain their color and gloss for many years to come. This finish comes standard on all Marvin clad-wood windows and doors, and across each product component—casing, frame, sash and divided lites, resulting in an unmatched level of uniformity and consistency in performance.

Strong Finish, Better Warranty
During manufacturing Marvin’s extruded cladding goes through a 5-step pre-treatment process to provide retention of color and gloss for years of low-maintenance durability. This high-performance Kynar finish features Fluropon® with 70% PVDF which provides superior resistance to fading from UV rays, and chalking due to a breakdown of paint. Marvin’s durable finish now carries a 20-year limited warranty against chalking and fading.
Durable & Elegant Hardware
Marvin’s durable and elegant hardware is engineered to work seamlessly with their extensive line of windows and doors. It’s available with a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish, a state-of-the-art process that resists fading and discoloration due to sunlight, humidity, and other coastal conditions. Hard-wearing metals are vaporized and then deposited onto brass or brass-plated handle substrates for unbeatable toughness and durability.
A.W. Hastings is committed to delivering the Marvin promise for your clients building on the coast, from planning and specifying through installation training to ensure product performance. For information needed for your next coastal project, don’t hesitate to contact our A.W. Hastings Marvin Representative.