Keenan Burns was named President of A.W. Hastings in June of 2018.  Keenan has been with Hastings for the past 30 years, serving the company as Vice President since 1996 and as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer since 2004. Keenan was named Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in May 2012, after serving as Vice President since 1994.  Prior to 1994, Keenan held various roles throughout Hastings – playing a pivotal role in the development of the organization. Today, Keenan is responsible for providing strategic direction for the company and leading it into the future with the nimble and entrepreneurial spirit that comes along with being a family business.

Throughout his career, Keenan has focused on bringing inspiration and insight to Hastings, our customers, and our supplier.  The impact of these efforts can be felt throughout the entire distribution channel as we deliver solutions and experiences that live up to and build upon our legacy.

Keenan said that one of the things he most appreciates about his position is the opportunity it gives him to see the different parts of the organization working together in pursuit of its goals. “That bird’s-eye view gives me a sense of the real magic that happens within our walls and extends through to our relationships with our customers. The deep well of talent, experience, and passion I see every day is truly awe-inspiring,  as we reimagine the possibilities the future holds for our organization. I’m honored an humbled to be a part of it.”

As part of that future-focus, Keenan will continue to challenge Hastings to continue to ask “What if?”, empowering employees to innovate with an experimentation mindset. “We are always looking for that next “win” – and we celebrate those wins together, at every level of the organization, as we cultivate a culture of success. And what’s most amazing to me is that our Hastings culture is that it’s not really about windows and doors at all – it’s always been about our people, who make dreams happen every day for our customers.”


As A.W. Hastings’ Treasurer, Jody Hoyt serves a key role in the family leadership of the company. Like his brother Dusty, Jody has been a part of Hastings his entire life, first as a child accompanying his parents to work, and then joining the company in 1975 to embark upon a wide variety of ever-evolving roles, starting on the order desk.  Since then, Jody has served in positions at Hastings ranging from running the warehouse to bookkeeping, IT and everything in between. Jody said that his time in IT was especially interesting – because he quickly discovered that in that role, “you work for everybody!” Today, Jody describes his role as a “generalist” – identifying business trends and areas of improvement, conducting financial analysis, and shaping the strategic direction of the company.

Each year at Hastings’ Annual Meeting, Jody takes a minute to reflect upon the organization that has had such a tremendous impact on his life.  “I can look at the people across the company, and think about what they do to help us be successful, and how well everyone gets along…It’s a pride thing.”

Jody looks forward to celebrating the company’s bicentennial in 2046 – when he’ll be a spry 93-year old, probably arriving to the party on his beloved bike!   “Cycling has always been very therapeutic for me. I have some of my best revelations out riding – it’s very meditative.”

Jody’s hope for Hastings’ future is that the company continues to stay focused on the things it does best.  “There is no doubt that new opportunities will come to us if we do that, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us. We have never been satisfied to say – well, that was a good job, without going back and looking for ways we can do a better job. And I think that’s the reason we will continue to be a successful, as individuals and as an organization. ”


Dusty Hoyt retired at the end of 2018 after 45 years as the  President of A.W. Hastings, a role he held since 1984. Along with his brother Jody, Dusty quite literally grew up at Hastings, while his parents Ivan and Florence ran the company in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. From exploring the warehouse, to sweeping the floors, to filling in at the switchboard, and then progressing through various sales and management roles, Dusty served at helm of Hastings through many challenging and rewarding times.

Dusty’s fondest hope for Hastings is the same as original founder A.W. Hastings’ son, Albert B. Hastings – to see it go on forever! “I want to make sure that we carry on to the next generation as seamlessly as we can. We have an experienced and proficient management team at Hastings – and we also have equally talented and spirited young people who are going to be an important part of our growth over the next 20-25 years,” Dusty said. It’s this sense of  Hastings’ unique legacy and strength that was a consistent touchstone of Dusty’s commendable career – and a key reason for the organization’s enduring success.

Current Hastings President Keenan Burns said, “Dusty’s impact can be seen in the deep ties we have with our customers and with Marvin. Many of these relationships go back decades, often with people who themselves are members of family-owned companies. All of us at Hastings owe him our gratitude, and we will continue to build upon our solid foundation as we move forward.”

Thank you for everything Dusty – we wish you all the best in retirement!