Through the looking glass

Because you typically look through them, rather than at them, it can be easy to underestimate the importance of selecting the perfect windows and doors for your home. Your home’s windows and doors effect not only how it looks  – they also have a direct impact on how you feel when you are there. It’s about natural light, ease of operation, protection from the elements…or maybe it’s just about enjoying the view of the backyard!

At A.W. Hastings, windows and doors aren’t just a portion of our business, they’re our only business, which means all of our attention has been razor focused on them since our company was established in 1846. And for us, it goes much deeper than just placing an order. We partner with retailers who share our passion for understanding your needs and personalizing your experience – allowing Marvin to be a true expression of your style.

Our partnerships extend through our long-lasting relationships with local retailers, onto building contractors and designers, all with a proven reputation for providing an exemplary customer experience. We come together around your project to bring you an end result you’ve been dreaming of – helping you to truly enjoy life in your home for decades to come!


Marvin at 7 Tide - Boston Seaport

Visit Marvin at 7 Tide

The country’s first Marvin Experience Center will change the way you think about how light enters a home.

Envision personalized windows and doors in full scale, and adjust their size and shape in real time, until you know exactly what works in your design.



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Windows and Doors by Marvin - Harbor House



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