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  • Put the STYLE Back in Your Windows!

    No one goes to an art exhibit for the red velvet curtain, but rather for the artwork waiting to be revealed behind it. So let’s just drop the drapes… Picture yourself with a flute of champagne pinched between your fingers eagerly anticipating the drop, only to be distracted by the artist’s poor choice of frame when the big moment arrives. The goal in framing is to complement the art, just as windows are meant to complement the view; this is why the right styling choices are critical. So how does this apply to “styling” your windows? We know artwork is

  • Let the Sunshine In!

    Coaxing the perfect amount of light into your home certainly sets the stage for how you will be able to utilize the space. Your lifestyle should dictate the invitation.  If you’re lucky enough to have input from the beginning stages of space planning, the manner in which natural light illuminates the rooms should be a driving force in your decision making. Lighting is no simple matter and how you choose to frame the natural light invited into the various areas of your home will dictate how the rooms will in essence be used. Large open windows on a southern exposed