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  • Focus on Affordable Housing: McConaughy Terrace

    As we continue our look at some standout affordable housing projects using the Marvin Family of Brands – today we highlight McConaughy Terrace, one such community in New Haven, CT.  McConaughy Terrace recently underwent major renovations that included both roof and window replacements on close to 40 buildings – with beautiful results. Infinity windows were chosen for the 200-unit neighborhood to save on energy and maintenance costs. Read the full McConaughy Terrace case study at

  • Coastal Perspectives with Hastings Inside Service Manager Gerry Morin

    Every homeowner should take steps to properly care for and maintain their windows and doors to ensure optimal performance and operation – and that’s especially important for homes on the coast! Hastings Inside Service Manager Gerry Morin shares some insight on what coastal homeowners can do to safeguard their window and door investment, and ensure they will be able to enjoy their beautiful views for years to come. Why is window and door maintenance so important for coastal projects? No matter where you live, your home is up against the elements. But when you live on the coast, your exposure