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  • Bedford Square Historic Redevelopment
    From Inspiration to Transformation: Two Historic Buildings Set the Tone for Redevelopment in Westport, Conn.

    Retrofit Magazine: November 2017

  • A New Way to Create Beauty and Peace of Mind

    New England Home: March 01, 2018

  • A Movable Wall That Makes Way for Dreams

    Several years ago, we had an opportunity to buy into a dream we had: to own an old farmhouse that needed a little work, fix it up and create our own little paradise complete with lovely gardens and our own flock of chickens (reference the photo below). So, full disclosure, it wasn’t that straightforward – it never is, right? The house we landed on needed a lot of work (even as I type today, some projects have been done and some haven’t because…life!). As we walked through the house those years ago, I had no problem with its condition because it