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  • Street Smart – Driving Tips for the Fall Season

    Longtime Hastings truck driver Tom Skarzynski has put in a lot of miles over the years – and he has some timely advice about fall driving in New England. Hi folks! I’ve been a professional driver for over thirty five years now and I thought I’d share some of my accumulated wisdom with you. As the fall season is in full swing we should all be making adjustments in our driving habits to counteract the new challenges nature has in store. Several things come quickly to mind. One of the most dangerous and most easily unnoticed is that the roads are

  • Hastings’ Kids Put Safety First!

    The Hastings Safety Committee recently invited employees’ children and grandchildren to participate in our first-ever Safety Poster contest. The budding artists were asked to submit drawings depicting safety tips of their choosing. The results were amazing! Safety Committee Member Faith Simmons said, “Hastings and its Safety Committee are devoted to safety both at work and home, and we understand that accident and injury prevention is essential to assuring a safe and healthy life. Safe procedures are the same for similar hazards, whether they are found at work or home. The Hastings Safety Poster Contest was a unique way to raise safety awareness in the