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  • Minneapolis-To-Marvin Tour Inspires!

    Each year, Hastings partners with our retailers to co-host dozens of tours for contractors and architects to Marvin Headquarters in Warroad, MN. Trip attendees invariably return with strong new relationships and amazing stories to tell! On a recent trip, Hastings architectural sales representative Jim Olender accompanied a group of several contractors and architects to Warroad. Before they headed north, the group took in the beautiful architectural sights (and sites) of Minneapolis. Jim has facilitated many tours around Minneapolis, but he says each tour is a little different. This particular group was treated to a tour of the Guthrie Theater. “As we

  • A Most Excellent Adventure in Warroad

    When I received confirmation that I would be attending a Builder Tour in Warroad I didn’t have any expectations of what this trip would be like. Every Hastings employee smiled and said, “You’ll have a great time” when they heard I was going, which immediately led me to believe there is a deep dark secret that no one is speaking of, kind of like when you are pregnant with your first child and no one tells you the real scoop of what is in store for you. My co-worker Kim Viviano and I met very early at the airport with