Trade Professionals

When you opt to purchase windows and doors from a Marvin Retail Partner, you can be confident that you’re not only buying a superior product for your project, but that you’ll also be working with a local retailer who has received extensive training from A.W. Hastings, the exclusive representative of Marvin windows and doors in Eastern New York and throughout New England.

Our Retail Partners understand that no two projects are alike – and they are there to support you in achieving the best results!  Whether you’re just beginning to pull together the plans for an expansive home overlooking the water or already in the building phase of a modest renovation, our Retail Partners have the product knowledge and training to recommend the right product for your project.

They also understand that the windows and doors of any project – from a tiny cottage on the beach to a large commercial project in the city –are more than just building materials. For your client, windows and doors are a way to express how they want to enjoy a space that it is important to their daily life.

To ensure that the process is seamless and informative, A.W. Hastings works with our Retail Partners in arranging displays that allow you, or your customers, to fully understand every facet of the products they offer. With the opening of Marvin at 7 Tide, our brand experience center in Boston’s Seaport District, builders, consumers and designers now have the opportunity to experience Marvin in a cutting-edge, interactive atmosphere. Reach out to plan a visit, and see why Marvin at 7 Tide is a real game changer for imagining the possibilities of windows and doors.

Our Retail Partners’ support of your projects and clients, doesn’t end with delivery. Should questions arise during or after installation, you’ll have their full support as well as that of the team at A.W. Hastings.



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